This page contains forms and information for our foster providers, transporters, reference checkers, home visit checkers, and other volunteers.

Expense Reimbursement Form

Use this form to submit expense reimbursements.  If you wish to receive a tax-deductible donation receipt instead of a reimbursement, please click the box on the bottom of the form.

    Expense Reim bursement

Transport Forms and Information

Authorization Form

This form can be used to set up a multi-driver transport.

    Transport Authorization

The Carter Plan

How to safely transport a foster dog.

    The Carter Plan

Reference Checks and Home Visit

Personal Reference

    Personal Reference Check Form

Vet Reference

    Vet Reference Check Form

Home Visit

    Home Visit Form

Foster Providers

Foster Home Agreement

This form is completed once.  When a foster provider is approved for fostering, then this form must be submitted.

    Foster Home Agreement

Foster Dog Agreement

This form is submitted for each foster dog that is fostered by a foster provider.  Each time a foster provider accepts a foster dog, this form must be completed.

    Foster Dog Agreement

Veterinary Protocol

Please contact your Area Coordinator for approval prior to taking a foster dog to the vet.  If there is a life-threatening emergency, use your own judgment to seek appropriate medical care, but please contact your Area Coordinator as soon as possible.  Please know the location of your closest after-hours emergency vet clinic.

    Veterinary Pro tocol

Foster Dog Forms

Foster Dog Supplies Form

This form is used to order supplies for foster dogs.

    Foster Dog Supplies

Biography and Photos Form

This form is used to submit a biography and photos for use on Petfinder and Facebook.

    Biography and Photos

Vet Visit Request Form

This form must be used prior to scheduling a vet visit. In the case of emergency, seek vet care, and contact your Area Coordinator as soon as possible.

    Vet Visit Request

Medication Refill Request Form

This form must be used for refilling a medication.

    Medication Refill

Boarding Request Form

This form must be used prior to scheduling a boarding stay.

    Boarding  Request 


Behavior Assessment

Behavior Assessment Form

This form is used to help evaluate the behavior of dogs prior to accepting them into rescue.

    Behavior Evaluation


Quick Start Guides

Quick Start Rescue Guide

    Quick Start - Rescue

Quick Start Fostering Guide

    Quick Start - Fostering

 Quick S tart Adoption  Guide

    Quick Start - Adoption

ID Tag Order Form

Order form for foster dog ID tags.

    ID Tag Order Form


Learn about clicker training.  It's fun, fast, and dogs love it!

    Ready Set Click

Transition to a Foster Home or an Adoptive Home

Information on helping a foster dog transition to a new home.

    Two Week Shut Down Rule

Recommended Books

    Recommended Reading

Styles of Training

Information on how to choose a trainer.

    How to Choose a Trainer

Positive reinforcement training information.

    Alpha Training

Balanced training information.

    Dominance Position Statement

American Vet Society of Animal Behavior position paper on the use of punishment in training.

    Punishment Position Statement

Cesar Millan reviewed by Mark Derr.

    Cesar Millan - Mark Derr

Cesar Millan reviewed by Marc Bekoff.

    Cesar Millan - Marc Bekoff

Cesar Millan reviewed by Andrew Luescher.

    Cesar Millan - Andrew Luescher

Cesar Millan reviewed by American Vet Society of Animal Behavior.

    AVSAB Cesar Millan Response

Collars and Leads

A review of collars and harnesses.

    Collars and Harnesses

A warning about retractable leashes.

    Retractable Leashes

A review of the use of shock collars.

    Shock Collars


Information on feeding a raw diet.

    Raw Diet

Information on high protein diets.

    High Protein Diets

Car Travel

Safe car travel with your dog.

    Safe Car Travel

Traveling with your dog.

    Traveling by Car

Miscellaneous Articles

The risks and dangers of dog parks.

    Dangers of Dog Parks

Information on predatory drift (big dog - little dog interaction).

    Predatory Drift

Information on why dogs bite children.

    Why Dogs Bite Kids

Information on puppy socialization.

    AVSAB - Puppy Socialization Position Statement

Information on positive veteriary care.

    AVSAB - Positive Veterinary Care Position Statement