The adoption process starts with submittal of the online Adopter Information Form.  If you wish to adopt a MARS dog, please complete the form in its entirety by answering every question.  Each question is there for a reason, and the answers provide us with the information needed to help us successfully match an applicant with a dog.  You MUST complete the Adopter Information Form before asking about a specific dog. You will not be considered for any dog prior to completion of the Adopter Info Form.

When the Adopter Information Form has been reviewed, MARS will start looking for the right dog for you. We consider adoption requests in the order that they are received, but our priority is in placing each dog with the person or family who is the best match for that dog. Therefore, it is possible that someone submitting an adoption request after you could be matched with a dog before you.

If a dog becomes available that seems to be a good match, we will contact you to discuss the dog. If you are interested in the dog, we will check references and schedule a home visit. A MARS volunteer will visit your home to check on the safety of your property for a dog, as well as to answer your questions and help you plan for a Miniature Australian Shepherd.  

After the the home visit, we will arrange for you to meet the dog. If all goes well, a MARS Area Coordinator will help you complete the adoption. MARS asks an adoption fee for all of our dogs, and it varies depending on the age and health of the dog. All of our dogs are spayed or neutered before being placed.

Adopting a dog from MARS is a process that takes time. However, the love of the right Mini Aussie is well worth the wait!

Please note:  MARS reserves the right to take no action when an applicant submits an incomplete Adopter Info Form.  Furthermore, MARS reserves the right to refuse an adoption if the home situation or environment is found to be unsafe or incompatible with the needs of the available dog. 

FAQ: Adopt

Why is the application so long?

We want to ensure that we have sufficient information to make a great match between dog and human.  The only way that we can do that is to get as much information as possible prior to the adoption.

I don't have all of the information needed for my application. Can I send it to you after submitting the form?

We are unable to add information to an Adopter Information Form once it has been submitted.  Please take the time to get all of the requested information prior to completing the form.  We cannot proceed with a form that is missing information.

I submitted an application, but I haven't heard anything. Why?

There are two reasons why you may not have heard anything.  First, your application may have been missing information.  We cannot process an application that is missing information.  Every question is important, and information requested in the Adopter Info Form enables us to make a great match between dog and owner.  Second, we don't contact an applicant unless we have a dog that might match with them. 

Can I drop in and visit a dog?

All of our dogs are in foster homes.  It is not possible to drop into a foster home to visit a dog.

If I can't drop in and visit a dog, when do I get to meet one?

Meeting and greeting a dog usually takes place after an application has been submitted, references checked, and a home visit conducted.  At that time, we want all residents of the home (people and domestic pets) to meet the dog prior to adoption.

How long does it take to adopt a dog?

It can take two to four weeks.  We are all volunteers, and fit in rescue activities with our families, jobs, and our own dogs.  We do our rescue activities in our free time, and that means that there might be a wait as we are checking references and doing the home visit.  Thanks for being patient!

Why do some of your dog descriptions state "Not recommended for families with children under 14."

Many of our dogs see children as unruly animals that need to be herded.  Herding behavior can be frightening to children.  Some of our dogs were surrendered because they were not compatible with kids.  Others came to us from situations where we don't know how they respond to children.  To protect both people and dogs, we exercise caution in placing dogs into homes with children.

I know that I can offer a great home to a dog, but the dog that I am interested in is hundreds or thousands of miles from my home. How can I get the dog to me?

We do not move dogs long distances to an adopter.  Travel can be stressful on an animal, and we don't want to unnecessarily stress out a dog.  Also, any time a dog is moved, there is a chance for it accidentally getting away from the transporter.  We don't want a dog to go missing during a transport.

Some of the application questions ask for personal information. How can I know that the information that I provide will be secure?

We use Formstack for our forms.  You can read about their security at  The only people who will see the information contained in the Adopter Info Form are volunteers who are directly involved in the adoption process.  Your personal information is never shared or sold.

Why is the adoption fee so much higher than my local animal shelter?

Local shelters usually receive funding from the city or county where they are located.  In contrast, MARS is a private non-profit organization, and we do not receive any funds from governmental sources.  Many of our dogs come to us with treatable medical problems that are expensive to remedy.  Others need to be spayed or neutered.  Some need vaccines.  We've had dogs that required well over $2,000 of treatment to fix a medical problem.  The adoption fee does not begin to cover what goes into making our dogs adoptable. 

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Adopter Info Form

The adoption process starts with completion of the Adopter Info Form.  Please complete it in its entirety.  The answers provided help us match an applicant with a dog.  Click on the link below to get started.

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