Puppies for Life

Puppies for Life is a project of MARS. Breeders who use the program donate a minimum of $20.00 to MARS for each puppy that they sell.  In honor of their donation, their puppy pur­chasers receive a Puppies for Life folder that contains a customized certifi­cate printed on parchment paper, a cover letter that explains the reason for the donation, and a brochure about MARS.  It is a wonderful way to show support for Mini Aussies in need. If you would like to be part of the Puppies for Life program, please email [email protected] for more information.

Please note, the certificates and cover letters can show either Mini Australian Shepherd or Mini American Shepherd.

Donations to the Puppies for Life program are tax-deductible.

Certificate Sample

Cover Letter for Mini American Shepherds

Mini American Shepherds Cover Letter

Cover Letter for Mini Aussies

Mini Aussie Cover Letter


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Payments and Registration Information

Payments for the Puppies for Life program can be made through our e-shop, MARS e-shop, Puppies for Life. Each pup is a $20 minimum.

The registration form for a litter or litters can be found at Puppies for Life Registration.