Lost Dogs

Your beloved dog has gone missing.  Perhaps someone left the front door open and he darted out.  Or she slipped out of her collar during a walk.  Perhaps the petsitter wasn't careful and left a gate open.  The scenarios are endless.  What should you do if your pet is gone?

There are a number of excellent websites that provide extensive information in finding a lost animal.  Several of them are shown below.

Missing Pet Partnership, www.missingpetpartnership.org/.
This website provides a lot of information about the behavior of missing pets and how to find them.  In addition to their online suggestions, you can hire a Lost Pet Consultant for a small donation.

Granite State Dog Recovery, m.granitestatedogrecovery.com/.
Many helpful hints are provided, including a Lost Dog Quick Action Plan. 

If your lost dog is a MARS dog, please contact your Area Coordinator and call our Lost Dog Hotline.

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MARS Lost Dog Hotline -

This phone number is only to be used for reporting MARS dogs that are missing or lost.

Please use the email addresses on the Contacts page for any other inquiry. We appreciate you honoring this request.