Lost Dogs

Your beloved dog has gone missing.  Perhaps someone left the front door open and he darted out.  Or she slipped out of her collar during a walk.  Perhaps the petsitter wasn't careful and left a gate open.  The scenarios are endless.  What should you do if your pet is gone?

There are a number of excellent websites that provide extensive information in finding a lost animal.  Several of them are shown below.

Missing Pet Partnership, www.missingpetpartnership.org/.
This website provides a lot of information about the behavior of missing pets and how to find them.  In addition to their online suggestions, you can hire a Lost Pet Consultant for a small donation.

Granite State Dog Recovery, m.granitestatedogrecovery.com/.
Many helpful hints are provided, including a Lost Dog Quick Action Plan. 

If your lost dog is a MARS dog, please contact your Area Coordinator and call our Lost Dog Hotline.